EcoActiv Organic Multi Surface Cleaner

EcoActiv Organic Multi Surface Cleaner

One formula for all your cleaning purpose

Perfect for everyday cleaning this all-purpose product for restauranttables, windows, doors, floors helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and the influenza virus H1N1.

This product can be used around toilet areas; in empty kitchen bins; in hospitals, sick rooms; schools, on door handles; on shower bases; under sinks, any type of glass surface can help to disinfect anything and repels flies and bugs from the smell, also you can use it in your kitchen or your bathroom. EcoActivis an absolute must-have cleaning agent. It has many Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that can protect your restaurants, schools, hospitals and your home from spreading germs. EcoActiv Cleaner is safe around kids and pets.

Benefits of Ecoactiv cleaner

With EcoActiv Cleaner you will save a lot of money on cleaning supplies.

If you own a restaurant, this product is perfect because when your waiters clean the tables for another customer the smell of the cleaner will be pleasant and there will be no chemical smells in your restaurant.

EcoActiv Cleaner will not leave any stains or residue.

EcoActiv Cleaner is great for people with sensitivities to traditional detergents and fragrances. EcoActiv provides with relief from skin allergies and other issues.

EcoActiv Cleaner is Anti-inflammatory, Anti-septic, Anti-oxidant, Analgesic, Anti-biotic, Anti-mutagenic, Sedative, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial, and Anti-bacterial.

Health Benefits and Uses of EcoActiv Cleaner

EcoActiv Cleaner Full of Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties.

Although the safety of organic essential oil for human consumption has not been established, using it for aromatherapy has potential antioxidant benefits for your body.

EcoActiv Cleaner Can Make You Work Comfortable Without Stressing Out

EcoActiv does not only help you perform better. It also makes you think you’re putting less effort into the work. You may sweat less when you doing physical activity and might walk away thinking you accomplished more with less exertion.

Perhaps smelling EcoActiv can help your workouts be more efficient. Maybe using EcoActiv as aromatherapy can help you get more work done at the restaurants, or office and allow you to relax better when at home.

EcoActiv has respiratory benefits. It may help clear mucus from your respiratory tract when you have a virus. EcoActiv can also decrease inflammation in the respiratory system, which is beneficial for people with asthma.

EcoActiv Cleaner Can Make You A Better Player

When you’re performing an activity that requires cognitive processing as well as hand-eye coordination, smelling EcoActiv first can make you more adept.

EcoActiv can also enhance athletic performance. The scent can help you have more energy and complete tasks more quickly.


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