About founder

Jack Akop Mavyan

I have more then twenty years of experinece for natural imunatherapy.
I visited more then forty countries to research different cultures living lifestyles.

I met with many cancer patients to understand there lifestyles and what kind of work they did, and what levels of stress they experience also what kind of food and water they consumed.

We individually understand from where it comes and how we can treat it.

I have helped many cancer patients to start organic and natural treatment methods to teach them a new lifestyle.

We have reached successful procedures.

have seven books related to peoples health care. My books sells on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Digitalibook.com, and many book stores

“World Without Cancer and Candida”





Last year I found out my house had a pest and mice problem. I was at a supermarket and then a home product chain store I can not find any natural product pest control on there shelves they are all toxic and chemical products.

I started buying home pest control, we used more then $150 chemical pest control products to treat our house and we got sick form the toxic and poison chemicals, we got zero results from these positioning products.

I have decided to research and find out natural organic ingredients to kill and get rid of the pests and mice from our house. For more then 6 months I have tested multiple combinations of ingredients to treat this problem.

We have finally made a 20 times stronger home defence pest control solution for inside and outside use. After our house had been treated, we started helping our friends and family to stop there problems. We named our brand EcoActiv organic home pest control.

EcoActiv is safe for kids and pets. Our organic solution helps to treat mold and 100 types of pests.

Our products have a sent that refreshes your home environment, if someone has a headache or a tired felling our organic mint sent helps to relax and treats your headache, you can be only positive and 100% results.

Our earth gives us everything like plants, flowers, minerals, vitamins, and natural resources our ingredients are all natural food graded.

Our mission is to keep our homes, countries, and our families environmentally safe and clean.