Ecoactiv Booster

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Insecticide / miticide / fungicide use
benefits of living organic

The benefits of going organic in your lawn and garden are vast!

In addition to helping improve the environment and decreasing the chances of accelerated disease in your family, going organic can provide mental and physical benefits, long-term money-savings, and increased vitamin and mineral content in your soil, among other things.

Health Effects.

Synthetic Pesticides have been linked to a myriad of diseases. The study based on studies conducted by a multi-university research team in Toronto concludes that people should reduce their exposure to pesticides, because of links to serious illnesses.

Results of this study found consistent evidence of serious health risks such as cancer, nervous system diseases and reproductive problems in people exposed to pesticides…through home and garden exposure.“

Similar research has cited the increased presence of neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, childhood leukemia, lymphoma, asthma and more unpleasant disease occurrences, for those with ample exposure to chemical pesticides. Converting to organic pesticides is a logical step to potentially help reduce the chances of disease or accelerating the course of a disease.

Another pesticide that is compliant for use in organic gardening, will keep your plants free from pests, and keep your family free from harmful pesticides!

Ecoactivbooster-1 for Protecting Your Grow

Spider Mites, Russet Mites, Fungus Gnats, and Root Aphids:
How to deal with Cannabis pests. insecticide / miticide / fungicide use

EcoActiv-1 Multi-purpose spray concentrate contains clarified hydrophobic extract of EcoActiv-1 which kills eggs, larvae and adult insects and defends against diseases and mites, too. It also stops powdery mildew in 24 hours!

Garden defense’s formula eliminates a variety of insects on contact including many soft and hard-bodied insects.

This 1 gallon EcoActiv-1 concentrate makes up to 128 gallons of insect killer.

Another benefit of EcoActiv-1 is that it eliminates common plant and turf diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew, rust, snow mold, and brown patch.

EcoActiv-1 multi-purpose spray concentrate can be used on a variety of applications, including ornamentals, trees, shrubs, foliage, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Directions for Use: IN Cannabis insecticide/ miticide/  fungicide apply EcoActiv-1 on a 7 to 14 day schedule until disease development is no longer present.

To control disease already present, apply EcoActiv-1 on a 7-day schedule until disease pressure is eliminated.

Mix EcoActiv-1 at a rate of two tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) per gallon of water.

Thoroughly mix solution and spray all plant surfaces (including undersides of leaves) until completely wet. Frequently mix solution as you spray.


Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals: Caution: Causes moderate eye irritation. Harmful if absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using tobacco. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

FIRST AID If got in to eyes:

  • Keep eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove contact lenses, if present, after first five minutes, then continue rinsing eye
  • Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice
  • If on skin or clothing, take off contaminated clothing
  • Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes.

Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash waters or reinstate. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or water surface. Applying this product in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help to ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area. Rinsing application equipment over the treated area will help avoid run off to water bodies or drainage systems.  This product is toxic to bees if exposed to direct treatment. Do not apply this product while bees are actively visiting the treatment area. Directions for use it is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling general information.

  • Defend your flowers against insects, diseases, and mites.
  • Do not add adjutants. (spreaders, stickers, extenders, etc.)

EcoActiv-1 Stops powdery mildew in 24 hours. Kill eggs, larvae, and adult insects. Shake well before using. For optimal performance, do not mix with cold water (less then 34 degrees F).  Do not apply to wilted or otherwise stressed plants, or to newly transplanted materials prior to root establishment.

May also be used as a dormant or delayed dormant spray to control overwintering eggs of various insects on fruit and shade trees, shrubs, flowers, and other ornamentals and vegetables. Do not apply to known sensitive plant species, such as impatiens flowers, fuchsia flowers, hibiscus flowers, some rose flowers, ornamental olive trees, or some carnation varieties without prior testing. As with other oil-based products, exercise care in timing applications to early morning/late evening to minimize the potential for leaf burn. Use with care on plants with tender tissue. Check for leaf burn in small scale trials prior to use. Can be used as a leaf polish on hardy plants fungicide. For use on fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, Cannabis trees and shrubs, home lawns. Spray Target Concentration Spray Interval Precautions Snow Mold 1:100 – 1:500 (1.0% – 2.0%) 14 days In Fall before first snow Dollar Spot 1:100 – 1:200 (1.0% – .5%) 7-14 days At first sign of disease Brown Patch 1:100 – 1:200 (1.0% – .5%) 7-14 days. At first sign of disease. Application Instructions EcoActiv-1 is an effective fungicide for the prevention and control of various fungal diseases including powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, anthracnose, rust, leaf spot, botrytis, needle rust, scab and flower, twig and tip blight, and alternaria. As a preventative, apply EcoActiv-1 on a 7 to 14 day schedule until disease development is no longer present. To control disease already present, apply EcoActiv-1 on a 7 day schedule until disease pressure is eliminated. Then continue spraying on a 14-day schedule to prevent the disease from reoccurring. To prevent rust leaf spot diseases, anthracnose and scab, begin applications at the first sign of spring budding. To prevent powdery mildew, apply in mid-summer or when disease is first detected. Continue applications until disease pressure no longer exists. Mixing Instructions Mix EcoActiv-1 at a rate of 2 tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) per gallon of water. [Mix 0.5 tablespoon (0.25 fluid ounce) of EcoActiv-1 per quart of water.] Thoroughly mix solution and spray all plant surfaces (including undersides of leaves) until completely wet. Frequently mix solution as you spray. Insecticide/miticide use: for use on fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees and shrubs application instructions:

Apply EcoActiv-1 at first sign of insects/mites. For control of aphids, spider mites, scale, whiteflies, beetles, leafrollers, and other insect pests. EcoActiv-1 is most effective when applied every 7 to 14 days. For heavy insect populations, spray on a 7-day schedule. Mixing Instructions: Mix EcoActiv-1 at a rate of 2-4 tablespoons (1-2 fluid ounces) per gallon of water. [Mix 0.5-1.0 tablespoons (0.25-0.50 fluid ounces) of EcoActiv-1 per quart of water.] Thoroughly mix solution and spray all plant surfaces (including undersides of leaves) until completely wet. Frequently mix solution as you spray.

Storage and disposal Pesticide Storage: Keep in original container. Store away from direct sunlight, feed or foodstuffs. Keep the container tightly sealed when not in use. Keep from freezing. Pesticide and Container Disposal If empty: Nonrefillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain. Timing and method of application, weather, watering practices, nature of soil, the insect problem, condition of the crop, incompatibility with other chemicals not specifically recommended, and other influencing factors in the use of this product are beyond the control of the seller. The buyer assumes all risks of use, storage or handling of this material not in strict accordance with directions given herein.

One of the more challenging aspects of growing cannabis is preventing, detecting, and controlling infestations of harmful biological pests. Smart growers do everything they can to keep pests from gaining a foothold in their gardens because it’s easier than dealing with them once they’re on the plants. If you find yourself plagued with these three common cannabis pests, here are some guidelines for combating the nasty little buggers.

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

Spider mites thrive and reproduce quickly in warm, dry environments. To slow an infestation, lower temperatures and raise the humidity in your room. While there are many commercial miticides available, most of them are quite toxic and should never be used EcoActiv-1.Naturally derived insecticide that is very effective at killing mites.

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

Keeping the humidity, Humidifier

Keeping the humidity low and making sure not to over water are key in preventing fungus gnat infestations. The most effective way to prevent or end an infestation is to place a physical barrier over your grow medium. A two-inch layer of sand, Ecoactiv booster-1 works on top of your grow medium prevents adult gnats from laying their eggs in the medium, effectively ending their life cycle.

The naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis, subspecies Israelis, kills fungus gnat larvae and is available in many inexpensive forms like Humidifier. Ecoactiv booster-1 can be effective. Hopefully before they lay hundreds of eggs in your grow medium.

How to Get Rid of Root Aphids

The number one treatment is Ecoactivbooster-1, an insecticide composed of the living fungus Beaveries Basina, which infects and kills the aphid and then releases spores to infect the next victim.

We understand that natural products have to be effective to make a difference. Our products are made with premium, natural and organic ingredients that are just as effective as their toxic counterparts, if not more so. With Ecoactivbooster-1 you can save your product, money, and customers.

How to use

Three applications at 5-10 day intervals should be enough to completely eliminate spider mites. Either spray a solution on your plants. 1-Gl w+1-Tbs Ecoactivbooster-1.

Safe for use on flowering plants and are generally quite effective. Concentrated neem products like EcoActiv-1 are very popular with cannabis growers and are 100% safe for use throughout the grow the cycle.

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EcoActivBooster 2

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Growers product To Soil Sweeteners

This is the  our series of threads on organic gardening techniques and tools guide was designed to be a fairly comprehensive look at the uses of poop in gardening.

In fact sweeteners like EcoActivBooster-2 have long been a part of the arsenal of common products.
Used by organic gardeners to bring greater health to their soils and plants.

Garden Safe Liquid Plant Foods is made from plants in a patented technology that provides plants with essential nutrients for beautiful flowers and foliage and no offensive smell.
Plus they improve soils by enhancing natural microbial activity. Great for all vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs and houseplants
including roses, tomatoes, fruits, and lawns. Derived from completely natural ingredients, Garden Safe All-purpose Liquid Plant Food feeds plants and invigorates.
Soil microbial activity. Made from sugar beet roots. No offensive manure or fish odors.

Liquid Plant Food is really and truly nothing more than a form. EcoActivBooster-2 derived from sugar beet processing.

Why Ecoactivbooster 2?

The reason nutrient manufacturers have discovered EcoActivBooster-2 is the simple fact that it’s a great source of carbohydrates to stimulate the growth of beneficial.

EcoActivBooster-2 is a good, quick source of energy for the various forms of microbes and soil life in a compost pile or good living soil. EcoActivBooster-2 is a carbon source that feeds the beneficial microbes that create greater natural soil fertility. But if giving a EcoActivBooster-2 boost was the only goal, there would be lots of alternatives.

In addition to Ecoactivbooster-2 contains significant amounts of potash, sulfur, and a variety of micronutrients. Because Ecoactivbooster-2 is derived from plants, and because the manufacturing processes that create it remove mostly sugars, the majority of the mineral nutrients that were contained in the original. This is a critical factor because a balanced supply of mineral nutrients is essential for those.

Beneficial to survive and thrive

That’s one of the secrets we’ve discovered to really successful organic gardening, the micronutrients found.
In organic amendments like Ecoactivbooster-2, kelp, and alfalfa were all derived from other plant sources and are quickly and easily available to our soil and plants.
This is especially important for the soil micro-herd of critters who depend on tiny amounts of those trace minerals as catalysts to make the enzymes that create biochemical transformations. That last sentence was our fancy way of saying.
The plan is to begin testing with one cup of  Ecoactivbooster-2 added per 10 gallons of soil mix and then let our observations guide the efforts from there.

How to use

Mix Garden Safe Liquid All Purpose Plant Food in water. Water plants thoroughly with solution once every 7-14 days in spring and summer, every 14-30 days in fall and winter. Indoors, use 1/2 teaspoon per quart (1 teaspoon per gallon); outdoors, 1 teaspoon per quart (4 teaspoons per gallon). 32 fluid ounces.
(946ml). Contain 3.0% Water Soluble Nitrogen, 1.0% Available Phosphate, 5.0% Soluble Potash derived from EcoActivBooster-2.

Key Points

Increases flower size noticeably
Increases aromatics
Increase essential oils.
Increases dry weight substantially
Increases chlorophyll content
Rapidly increases photosynthesis
Increase CO2 utilization.
Proper NPK ratios
Increases cell expansion and content
Thicker cell walls
Increase internal floral components.
Increases resistance to stressors
Growers report increases in dry weight of up and beyond 30%.
No artificial dyes or colorants
Easy to use
Best flowering additive on the market today and tomorrow
Sweet Organic Goodness Magical like the boy’s on are sometimes known for saying That’s what I call a sticky situation!

Nutritional Information and Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1Tbsp. (21g).
Servings per Container: About 24.
Amount Per Serving: Calories – 60;

Percentage Daily Values;

Fat – 0g, 0%;
Sodium – 65mg. 3%;
Potassium – 800 mg. 23%;
Total Carbohydrates – 13g, 4%;
Sugars – 12g,
Protein – 1g,
Calcium – 2%; Iron 10%;
Magnesium 15%;
Not a significant source of calories from fat, sat.
Fat, cholesterol, fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

This product and idea is patent in the USA and international