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32oz will treat up to 500 sq ft indoors.

Natural Indoor Pest Control is strong and effective for residential and commercial use. Safe for daily use.


For Routine Prevention & Maintenance:

Use every few months as a preventative. Spray under sinks, in pantry, closets, bathroom, laundry room, cracks & crevices or anywhere insects reside. Spray around windows and doors. With routine outdoor treatment using EcoActiv Natural Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate, Natural Indoor Pest Control spray will protect indoors for several months.

Create a 12-Month Barrier for Ants, Roaches, and Spiders Indoors on Non-Porous Surfaces

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Apply a 4-inch barrier around baseboards, cabinets and windows.

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Apply a 4-inch barrier around baseboards, tubs and cabinets.

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Windows and Doors.
Apply a 4-inch barrier around window trim and door trim.

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Apply a 4-inch barrier around wall perimeters, washers, and driers.

For Active Flea, Tick & Pest Problems:

We recommend EvocativeControl for Pets and Home, our Treatment Kit for homes and lawns, or our Treatment Kit for apartments, townhomes and condos. It is imperative that you treat all indoor and outdoor areas for complete elimination. Only 5% of the flea life cycle are adult fleas (the ones you see). The other 95% are in egg and larvae stages (the ones you can’t see). In order to rid your home of fleas, you must treat the entire property and pets.

For Treatment of Active Pest Problems:

To treat and active problem, you must apply twice within 6-8 days to ensure you break the egg cycle. We recommend the Hose End Sprayer method when applying for treatment of active pest problems.
Apply outdoor Natural Pest Control Solution to your outdoor areas, like lawn and patio. Pests come from outside, so treating outdoors is critical to stopping the flea, tick and pest cycle.

For Prevention & Maintenance:

Like any pest control maintenance schedule, how often you apply EcoActiv Natural Pest Control will depend on your local insect pressure & critter population. Critters like raccoons, opossum & squirrels are known carriers of parasites. Insects like fleas, ticks, & mosquitoes thrive in moist, warm, shady areas. In general, a 30-45-day routine treatment or after heavy rain is the best practice and usually the cheapest solution to pest management. As needed, spray the lawn after mowing, protect your garden from pests, or spray for lawn fleas, lawn ticks, and mosquitoes before outdoor events. Use as often as needed for a natural, pest free environment.

Create a 3-Month Barrier for Ants, Roaches and Spiders as a Perimeter Treatment

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Foundations and Perimeters.

Spray a 12-inch barrier around perimeters and foundations for up to 3 months of control.

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Spray a 12-inch barrier around garage door entrances and walls for up to 3 months of control.

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Windows and Doors.

Spray a 12-inch barrier around doors and window trim for up to 3 months of control.

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Patios and Decks.

Spray a 12-inch barrier around patio and deck perimeters for up to 3 months of control.

Floor Washing:

Washing your floors with a solution will keep fleas away. Combine the EcoActiv with two liters or 1/2 gallon of water.

Safe For Use Around Children and Pets